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What To Include On Your Vehicle Graphics

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Decorating your vehicle with your company logo and branding is an exciting opportunity. Not only do you get to enjoy a brand new look, you also have the chance to advertise your company wherever you go. Vehicle graphics are a great way to get your branding and messaging out there with only one up front cost. Let’s take a look at what you should include in your design to ensure it’s most effective.

Branding & Logo

The obvious choice to put on your vehicle graphics is your branding and logo. Because vehicles are a large canvas, you can choose to have a mixture of long-form and short-form logos (if you have them). This means that you should be able to comfortably fit your standard logo as well as any abbreviated ones. You logos should be prominently displayed and easy to read, and we would recommend you place one on every panel so that your branding is clear, no matter what angle you’re viewing the vehicle from.

Contact Details

Make sure it’s easy to find and read your contact details. Different companies will prefer different methods of contact, so decide which one is most important to you and make that very prominent. Phone numbers are relatively easy to display in a clear and easy to read format. Website links can also work well, as well as social media profiles and email addresses.


If your company has a slogan that’s appropriate for your vehicle graphics, you could choose to include it in your design. This works particularly well if your slogan has something funny or clever about it, as you may find that people photograph your signage and share their amusement with their circles on social media. Just be careful to ensure that anything you put on your vehicle is appropriate and reflects your business in the best light.

For Vehicle Graphics Choose Signlink

If you want to decorate your company vehicles with signs which show off your business and branding, get in touch with Signlink today. We can help you to design and create the perfect graphics to ensure your business stays visible, no matter where you are.


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